我们的千万团队得到多个奖状, 专业靠谱的服务不容置疑!

我们的服务宗旨 : 您只管挑选房子,我们专业负责的团队搞定贷款丶房屋检查丶开水电煤丶过户丶安家等一系列琐事。让您在美国的买房过程省心丶放心丶安心!我们提供全方位丶”一站式” 的专业服务,从订机票来美丶买屋卖屋丶融资贷款丶房屋保险到物业管理,轻松自在免操心。



Our million dollar team has obtained multiple awards; our team is professional and reliable without uncertainty!

Our goal : To provide comprehensive and one-stop professional services.  From any sort of preparation(ordering plane ticket, reserving hotel room, etc), planning, buying or selling house, financing loans, having insurance to property management, we will always be there for you.

We are not only your real estate agents, but also your reliable friends!  We help you to settle down and manager your property with ONE-STOP SERVICE from renting, selling, cleaning, decorating, remodeling to gas, water, electricity opening that you need not to worry about anything at all.